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The Easy Way To Go On Your Dream Vacation!

August 11, 2016 - Updated: August 11, 2016

Relaxation, blue skies, crystal clear water, golden sand and a mojito in your hand. That is what a vacation looks like, in case you have forgotten. But they are expensive, aren’t they?

We all work hard for our earnings, and many of us feel like sometimes it’s hard to put aside money and time while managing a mortgage, 2 kids, 2 cars, piano lessons, karate or whatever else it may be. If only you could make it so that instead of you working for money, you could make your money work for you…






Actually, there is one way… through real estate INVESTMENT! You may think “I don’t have money to invest” but if you think about it, you have money lying around in RRSP’s or other saving accounts that give you minimal returns. Why settle for 3-5% returns when you could get 30 or 50%*? As long as you invest smart, you will always earn more than you put in, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much. Thus, being on a budget should not hold you from seizing an incredible opportunity! The GTA is a great place to invest nowadays! Check out how hot the market is here

This is what we do to help make your dreams come true:

First, we will do all the dirty work and make sure you buy the “right” property. This means that we will compare criteria such as location, school ratings, taxes, new projects and builds in the region, transportation, rental demand, value and volume growth throughout the years, the area’s Home Price Index and more. All of these factors raise property value and put money in YOUR pocket! How do we manage to do all that? We spend a long time searching for numbers, calculating, analyzing, predicting and we put years and years of experience to make all of these investment criteria add up to one simple choice – the property that will give you the greatest return on your investment.  


You may ask “why can’t I just find all this stuff out by myself”? 

Here is an example. Imagine that a house is up for sale in a neighbourhood without a shopping plaza, no school nearby, or no place of worship. Such a house may turn out to be an amazing investment opportunity if you do some research and come to find out that a school is in the making in the area, or some other institution that is attractive to buyers. Staying on top of all this information for the entire GTA will be a complicated and long process, so you need a realtor who has all the relevant information and knows what is happening in the area.



Here is another: HPI (Home Price Index) is a very useful tool, which allows you to see trends in home prices for a given type of house in a specific area. It is developed by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and it is not accessible to the average person. Real estate knowledge must be applied in understanding an HPI, figuring out how it will affect market values and using it to foreshadow future trends. If you do not have real estate experience, such numbers may end up confusing you more than they help you, so make sure you have a professional help you make sense of them.

After we help you find the right property, we will apply our knowledge and skills and help you add value to it, through renovation and other upgrades, which have been tested and proven to be excellent ways to make profit! Should you choose to rent the property out, we will deploy our tested Tenant Scan & Stringent Rental Process ensuring you get quality tenants. (We can explain what that entails in detail in a one-to-one complimentary meeting if you are interested.)

For the following 1-4 years, we will manage your investment property for you, while you collect more and more money until the day you decide to sell and do it all again!  In no time, you will go on that dream vacation of yours without breaking a sweat over worries of putting your kids through college. Team Riaz Ghani can make it an easy, quick and effortless process and we are dedicated to make you our delighted client!



August 11, 2016
Team Riaz Ghani


*We cannot guarantee the amount of return you will receive in advance

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